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AUArthur/Eames (Inception), sequel to this: the smile on your face lets me know that you need me ; 5 years have passed since Ryan’s funeral, the last time Arthur and Eames saw each other. AGainst all the odds, they meet again at Matthew’s wedding, Ryan’s brother. When Arthur notices him, his heart stutters and clenchs, his eyes lingering on the young man at his sides. Eames can’t get his eyes off if Arthur, not even listening what his friend, very het friend, tells him. Ultimately, they talked to each other and realize that what they felt 5 years ago is still here. Guilt too.
But this time, they realize that they don’t have to feel guilty and that Ryan would have given them his blessing. He’d only want them to be happy and after 5 years, they know they won’t be happy without the each other. So they exchange they start a relationshio, hesitant and clumsy at first but soon enough, they fit each other. Of course, others don’t take it happily, especially Ryan’s family and friends but it doesn’t matter for them. They just feel they are the luckiest in the world.


Inception - Arthur x Eames AU » Epistolary romance

Letters from Colditz

When Eames & his companion attempted to escape the German POW camp, they were recaptured and transferred to Colditz. A medieval castle which has been fitted to an escape-proof prison where Eames has been locked up. Each day, he will plan another attempt for an escape. He will not give up easily because, out there someone is waiting for him. He writes letters to that one person whom he loves so dearly at every chance he has. Telling him how terribly he misses him and wishes that his beloved will wait for him till the day he comes back. He regrets not being able to ask him that question the day before he went off, and now there’s nothing more he wishes for. But what Eames doesn’t know is, he will never have the chance to see him again in this life, at least. However there’s always another life where Arthur we will be there for him. The letters are passed on until they land to the intended receiver. I assure you, it’s a happy ending.

for sorelh. Steph, I don’t even know…

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